Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Technology and Society: The World is Flat, Thomas L. Friedman

Many new technologies are coming and reshaping the world. More creative ideas are helping shape those technologies into more business opportunities. The pace that these innovative ideas are coming is increasing.
People from all over the world are being brought closer together through the information and product age. All countries need to invest in the potential of knowledge, work, and ideas.
Individuals need to educate themselves with the technologies and connect themselves to the awesome pool of resources available to them. So as individuals, communities and as a world, connecting together and learning how to incorporate these technologies is the best way to progress.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

CyberSecurity and Espionage: Stoll, The Cuckoo's Egg

Hopefully the counter espionage will not be left up to private users to solve. There needs to be a collaborative effort to stop computer espionage. The proper amount of authority needs to be given so the police of information can do there job. This authority probably still is not in place.

A system of checks and balances needs to be in place as well to safe guard privacy. Information taken by a government agency or taken by a ‘hacker’ is still information taken. Private information should be kept private to maintain the internal trust in the information systems.

On a local level security awareness needs to be increased and maintained. No matter how much overhead is in place if everyone is wide open it will be impossible to stop intruders from coming in.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Current Event 1: Multi-core chips make computers run faster

From Multi-core chips make computers run faster:
Many programmers will be needed to make and modify programs to support multi-core chips. These programmers will need skills for nonlinear logic and non traditional program flow. The training for these new concepts need to be available sooner to meet the demands for the market. Then hopefully the software will be ready for the more complex hardware.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Digital Age

Learning to manage time is one of the most important parts of using technology. Information is readily available and plenty of it. What you do with it is what counts. Time is what is needed to do something with the information that you have. Make sure you have time to do what is most important. You will always have time for what you really want to do. Merging the most important with what you want takes time. So do it.